How We Do It

Step by Step Business Process Improvements

Business Needs Meeting:

Our technology experts will sit down with you to learn about your current technology needs and about your vision for the future of your business. To start on the path of business process improvement, we need to know where you are today and where you are going tomorrow.

IT Performance Audit:

We’ll perform a comprehensive network audit to look for problems with your equipment, areas that are working well, and any opportunities for improvement.

Solution Framework Design:

After our business needs meeting and IT performance audit, our certified engineers will meet internally to discuss how to design technology solutions around your exact challenges and future needs.

Solutions Presentation:

We’ll show you the design we came up with in a presentation that demonstrates how it overcomes your business challenges and helps you reach future goals.

Design Implementation:

After you approve our design, we’ll get to work installing and implementing your chosen technology solutions. During this process we will provide full visibility and frequent communication to make the migration as effective and painless as possible. Our number one priority is to keep your business running as if we weren’t there.

Security Optimization System Hardening: 

After implementation, we take the time to fully secure your network and complete penetration testing to ensure your system is hardened for the most rigorous security protocol that can be implemented.

Flat Rate Proactive Support:

For ongoing needs, our flat rate IT support services will keep your system running in top shape with the peace of mind of predictable, affordable billing. With around the clock monitoring and unlimited remote support. We know that uptime is the key to Business Process Improvement.

Risk Management and Business Continuity:

Throughout the entire business process improvement, we will ensure your system is completely backed up and retrievable in the event of equipment failure or natural disaster. We minimize risks with proactive monitoring, and create an “image” of your technology solution so you can get your business up and running after a problem.


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